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We Won the Award for Best Web Hosting Services Provider 2020 Pakistan

Best Web Hosting Services Provider 2020 Pakistan Award

Now before I get into this, I would like to a moment and thank every one of the customers we have on board who made this possible. You guys are just awesome.

And Yes! Value Hosted has bagged another award for being the Best Web Hosting Services Provider 2020 in Pakistan and we just can’t wait to share the happiness with you.

Despite how perilous and souring 2020 was, we all made it. If you’re reading this, then you’re lucky to have survived the Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic.

Anyways, let’s get back to the award-winning thing that we wanted to show off.

So, we won an award. Now what?

Best Web Hosting Services Provider 2020 Pakistan Award
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To us, winning that award is a triumph because the selection criteria just get to us in a way in a way or so. The nominees for the said award are analysed based on their:

  1. Customer Reviews – that you guys pretty much took care of it.
  2. Fast & Reliable Services – that our machines took care of it.
  3. Customer Support – that support folks took care of it.

We never thought we’d be amongst the winners but a big shout to the Danyal & Karim for spending numerous wakeful (and foodless) nights and refusing to give up on the so many awaiting support tickets that they could effortlessly respond to in the day but NO, said the ‘Night-Typers’.

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Best Web Hosting Services Provider 2020 Pakistan Award

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More good news coming right up

For the past few weeks, we are working on solutions to ease things up for the customers. There have been several complaints regarding the connectivity, downtime, and slow servers. We understand how difficult it is to stay calm in times like these (I know because I can’t). That’s why we’ve upgraded all our systems from HDD to SSD and new server machines with new versions.

You’d find everything new. It’s like going to school for the first time. Everything’s shiny, cleanuntil you muddle things up in the breaktime. (okay I think I messed up this lower school reference).

Remember when you all asked us in the chat or support tickets about free things. Well, there you go. . .

This upgrade is FREE. Yep, we thought to share our happiness of winning the award with you and what could be best than offering something without a price tag.

Best Web Hosting Services Provider 2020 Pakistan Award
Fast & Reliable Servers, Source – Giphy

So, now you can enjoy our web hosting services at the same reasonable prices but with improved server speed, revamped control panel, and smooth hosting operations.

But wait . . .

To be honest, Value Hosted couldn’t have made it so far as today without you guys. Therefore, the credit goes to YOU. Without your positive feedback and consistent product purchases, we won’t have made it out so big.

This is your award, not ours. We just try our level best to offer good, quality web hosting services at competent prices. That’s what we do and that’s what we are best at.

Thank you for being a valued customer to us. We shall continue to serve at best with the highest standards of service.

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