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The Art of Web Hosting in Pakistan (2021)

The History of IT in Pakistan

The Art of Web Hosting in Pakistan-1
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Prior to setting up a generic web hosting definition, let’s wind the clocks back a few decades when Pakistan took its baby steps in the Information Technology (IT) sector during the 1990s.

With the advent of call centers in Pakistan, the technology market soon realized the utmost potential and need of a tech-field and adopted relative but growing technologies to boost all the way up.

Amongst them was the ‘Web Development Sector in Pakistan’, which today has opened plenty of opportunities for not only the citizens but universities – as new curriculums were introduced; business sector – as departments were erected to promote various technologies.

When did the internet come to Pakistan?

Internet first arrived in Pakistan in 1992-93 and was made available for use via the ‘International USENET Newsgroup’.

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Today, Pakistan’s IT sector is flooded with thriving ideas fit for every small-and-large scale business in Pakistan and anywhere around the world. At first, the Internet in Pakistan benefited education and other projects by offering e-mail services and research archives/repositories.

From online research websites to running an entire business online, Pakistan’s website industry has indeed taken a giant leap towards prosperity.

Did you know?

The first internet services (dialup email services) were offered by ‘Imran-Net’ (a tech company from Lahore) in 1992-93

The History of Web Hosting in Pakistan

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Imran-Net from Lahore, SDNPK (Sustainable Development Networking Programme) from Islamabad and Digicom from Karachi were amongst the first IT companies to offer online email services in Pakistan. Despite the fact that the offered services had not included web hosting or web development, citizens had their first website exposure.

As Broadband hitting the household market in 1995, numerous IT-affable enthusiast instituted cybercafes and offered internet services to individuals above 16 years (yes… age restriction was a criterion back then).

Web Hosting: A must-adapt morsel of technology

“Over the time, the website has become a gateway between your business & success,” said Shah Hussain, Managing Director at ORiONTM in Islamabad. “and the best way to pass through this techno-doorway is by securing a smart hosting platform that stays alive 24/7” he further added while speaking to Noitcennok. D, Technical Head at Value Hosted.

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Pakistan’s #1 Web Hosting & Domain Name Company

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Hailed from the twin cities, Rawalpindi-based web hosting company Value Hosted is presently shining as one of the best and emerging web hosting services provider in Pakistan. Branched in two countries; Rawalpindi (Pakistan) and Dubai (UAE), the company has found its way to the top by simply offering low-cost, reliable, fast and secured website development services around Pakistan, UK and USA.

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Best Web Design and Hosting for Small Business

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SEO Friendly Web Hosting

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You don’t necessarily have to be a code-geek to build a website. All it takes a little know-how of the CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or basic page-building programmes in HTML/CSS. Whether you need a web studio domain & hosting manager or simple cPanel web hosting, we’ve got it all!

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Free Web Hosting for Students

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Web Hosting Plans in Pakistan

  Budget Hosting Standard Hosting Advanced Hosting
Disk Space 500 MB SSD 2 GB SSD 5 GB SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 5 22 70
Subdomains 1 10 25
Domain 1 5 8
MySQL Database 1 5 15
DDoS Protection Yes Yes Yes
Domain Registration Free Free Free
Price Rs. 166.66/mo Rs. 250/mo Rs. 416.66/mo

**The web hosting prices for the aforementioned plans for web hosting and domain in Pakistan are applicable from January 2021 and onwards.

The Future of Web Hosting

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The Web Hosting business in Pakistan is booming with record-breaking figures. According to Alexa, around 1 million small and large web hosting companies are running around the world from Pakistan, generating Rs. 0.12 million every year. However, comparing to neighbouring IT giants, Pakistan still requires flexible measurements to be implemented in the IT sector to attract international investors and stakeholders.

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