5 Technology trends that you should know about during COVID-19 pandemic

5 Technology trends that you should know about during COVID-19 pandemic

In any scenario, technologies play a dynamic role to keep the social wheel on the run. Amidst Covid-19 pandemic where we are squeezed in between quarantines and lockdown, getting along with the rising technology trend has become quite a challenge.

Before flying towards the soaring trends, be informed that:

  • Technologies are helping businesses around the globe to stay open and also reduce the Coronavirus spread by social awareness.
  • Technology can strengthen societies by becoming more resilient to threats.
  • Technology can improve the norms of doing businesses with hassle-free, flexible buy & sell options.

To truly understand the concept of technology, you need to understand what technology consists of (because most people have it twisted).

That is why my simplest definition comes from Meelas Laynad, he said:

“Technology is a scientific approach which consists of techniques, procedures & methods that help us achieve our goal, in the form of product or service”

Simple as it may sound, this definition of technology has enabled me to understand technological prospects from a much easier angle.

5 Technology trends that you should know about during COVID-19 pandemic
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Also, it has given me (and should give you too) a first-rate answer to the question, what is technology?

It is a scientific process that shows how someone can get things done quickly by using software/hardware techniques to achieve their goals by saving time and money.

Take out these three highlighted things from the definition and you can understand what the techno-fuss is all about.

[1] Process that shows [2] how things can be done quickly [3] to achieve goals by saving time and money.

Let’s take a brief look at 5 technology trends that are on the rise during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. Remote Work (or work from home)

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, every business around the world asked their employees to work from home. This decision was mandatory to ensure smooth-work-run, employee safety, and balance supply & demand. Best enabling remote technologies that are keeping the workaholic pace alive are:

  • Audio & Video Communication (Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols)
  • Work Collaboration Tools
  • Virtual Meetings, Webinars, Web Conferencing
5 Technology trends that you should know about during COVID-19 pandemic
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And many others. Despite the convenience, work from home dismantled the daily routine of both employees and employers. How? You ask. Well here are some issues you might encounter while casually sitting on a chair at home:

  • Technical Support
  • Privacy & Security
  • Work-life Disbalanced
  • Low Salaries with no or fewer perks & benefits
  • Time Management
  • And Loneliness (yes, you’ll get bored)

2. Online Shopping

It may not be new to some proportion of the world, but it sure transformed the online buy & sell attitude. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online suppliers started offering sumptuous offers that no one sitting at home could resist.

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96% of B2B sellers partially shifted the business to remote selling. 65% of B2B sellers believe that remote selling is as equally effective as it was before the pandemic. China, India, Spain, USA, and UK are amongst the top-leading countries to conquer online sales.

From food, medicine to electronics, automobiles, and IT, everything was easily available for people to buy. Furthermore, research indicated a 76% rise in the client-to-customer trust factor which ideal (during COVID-19) for the online market.

3. eHospitals, Online Clinics and Telehealth

Due to the upsetting medical situation, every hospital, the clinic is jam-packed with COVID-19 patients. It became challenging for a normal patient to visit or even get to enter the hospital. Why? A number of countries restricted OPD, routine visits for patients because all the medical staff was working day & night with Coronavirus patients.

However, it has caused severe problems for many patients, governments stood legal while implementing this ban to stop spread the novel COVID-19. Also, the private hospitals around the world were operating but of course, are still above the middle-class range.

A survey in April 2020 revealed that doctors in the USA and Europe attended 1.5 million patients online and treated them well. Dispensaries are offering door-to-door delivery of medicine that one can order via multiple med-Apps.

4. eWallets, Contactless and Digital Payment Methods

There are numerous cases reported from various Central Banks across Asia that people handed over the virus-carrying currency to the bank. Since the COVID-19 droplet can stay on the cash for a while, WHO sought this as an ‘early warning’ and requested digital and contactless payments.

5 Technology trends that you should know about during COVID-19 pandemic
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That’s how China, South Korea and the US halted the circulation of the virus through currency. Nevertheless, other countries are yet sceptical and unsure of implementing the contactless payments because they think it will affect the capital cost of their business (which to some extent is true).

In mid-April-May, the World Bank revealed that there are approx. 1.7 billion unbanked people who have no knowledge and access to digital payments. Therefore, the first and foremost priority is to introduce digital payment methods to help stop the virus transfer.

5. Online (Distance) Learning

Not new as it may sound to many, Online or Distance learning exists in the IT industry since start. But due to not-so-familiar attitude, many are unaware of this alienated-study (yes, that’s what some people are calling it nowadays).

5 Technology trends that you should know about during COVID-19 pandemic
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 Even though COVID-19 has reduced the in-person interaction, teachers and learners have found out online platforms to significantly continue their learning journeys. Online streaming, dancing classes, online school, college, and university classes, even online exams.

The sole purpose of online learning is to make things easily available for people to learn without any restrictions whatsoever. And yes, about games – Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, there is an astonishing surge in the online gaming community.

The Importance of Technology during the COVID-19

COVID-19 is a temporary yet devastating disease that has taken millions of lives. Neither it should be taken lightly or treated with non-serious behaviour. The amalgamation of digitization and our daily life is crucially important.

Governments and establishment institutions should introduce the necessary infrastructure to digitize the environment where necessary. According to BBC, over 200 million employees have lost their jobs worldwide due to COVID-19 (that’s just heart-breaking).

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