COVID-19 Web Hosting in the World of Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19: Web Hosting in the World of Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 Update:

At Value Hosted, we have a responsibility to provide well-intentioned solutions for our customers while they’re at home amid current pandemic. To stun the rise of COVID-19, all our employees have been directed to stay at home until the situation is under control. For now, we will be available 24 hours a day, offering sumptuous solutions with even more inventive web hosting products at even less cost.

Fear at its best – Majority of the Companies around the globe has firmly chosen a temporary closure to keep everyone safe. The first and foremost approach to quarantine is to shift business operations to ‘Remote Access’ so that website-run enterprises could continue to provide necessary products.

For the time being, it is imperative for stakeholders, both off-and-online, to maximize precautions and rescind meetings, events and gatherings of relative sorts. The Internet has become an indefinite universe – and have sheltered virus-fearing individuals by keeping the workflow alive.

Where all-of-a-sudden, the biggest worry is to avoid exposure to Novel Coronavirus, companies have joined their hands to ensure the safety of their employees by offering sustentative incentives followed by work from home.

Tips to work from home:

COVID-19 Web Hosting in the World of Novel Coronavirus
A man is working from home in China. Source: Dimitri Karastelev

To control the trending outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, every company must release policy updates for employees. The office shutoff is the first step followed by establishing a ‘remote’ system. Indeed, the workforce will be slashed into half – but pondering over the momentum of Covid-19, 5 out of 250 employees are likely to test positive (God forbid) for the virus. To set up a home office, here’s what you need to do:

1. Create an office-like environment at home

No! that does not mean you need to wear formal clothes at home. First off, set up a team of colleagues from the same department; assign the tasks to each other – and most importantly mutually decide a time to spend to work daily. For those who have been doing Freelance work, they know how working from home is done. Others should blend in to pass this devastating time. Keaton Luster, Educationist & Bio-Chemical Scientist, told Value Hosted via email that:

“To contribute for best, it is mandatory of nature to continue working to keep the pace alive – for this, I’d light the Internet and tools available online. Find websites that befit the present-day crisis.”

2. Updates on the daily drill

Once you’ve successfully formed a team to work from home, organize the rota and tasks for every employee. Also, remember to stay connected with every employee – especially with the ancillary staff. “we’re should gaze over the bright side during this Covid-19 crisis – as the companies’ with online customers, products can still contribute to the cause to slow this pandemic” Said Michael George, Senior Cloud-based Software Engineer on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Therefore, to all the IT companies around the world – the ball is in our court. We need to stay in touch with our employees, ensure their safety and do what’s best to slow down the virus descending for everyone around us.

3. Customer-oriented resolutions

Suppose your company offers online products such as web hosting, online courses, news etc. The best way to beat the virus-hype is to prevail precautionary measurements on a large scale – provide existing plus new customers with benefits. Also, remember in the context that customers and employees both matter the most – an organization inclined one of the other will fall in no time. Therefore, update customers with new products, provide them with online opportunities and slash the workload in half or to an adequate level for employees.

4. Create a community to collaborate with others

Amid all this, it would be beneficial for everyone to create an online community for charity, education, awareness and medicine. While keeping other work in the loop, IT companies may have widened the productive room to bring in new, fascinating products for Internet users. For starters, individuals with skills can create websites to promote their talents online. Despite variation in pricing, the overall outcome will unquestionably benefit everyone. We have extended our dev-region to reach out as many users as possible and provide resourceful web hosting products at affordable rates.   

5. We’re in this together

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected over 162 countries and territories around the world. There have been more than 183,319 Coronavirus cases reported, 7,177 deaths but also with 79,908 recovered Covid-19 cases. Many of us are still trying level best to adjust to the work-from-home reality – But also, we should be proud to stand strong and well, fighting off the virus to its core. Together, we’re going to beat this novel Coronavirus with stern safety measures.

How can I prevent myself from novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The WHO (World Health Organization) has released safety & preventive measurements that will be guaranteed help in staying away from the virus.

To eliminate all traces of the virus on your hands, a quick scrub and a rinse won’t cut it. Below is a step-by-step process for effective hand washing.

  • Step 1: Wet hands with running water
  • Step 2: Apply enough soap to cover wet hands
  • Step 3: Scrub all surfaces of the hands – including the back of hands, between fingers and under nails – for at least 20 seconds.
  • Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with running water           
  • Step 5: Dry hands with a clean cloth or single-use towel
COVID-19 Web Hosting in the World of Novel Coronavirus
Recommended way to wash hands. Source: WHO

What is the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Internet?

COVID-19 Web Hosting in the World of Novel Coronavirus
Empty shelves in a swiss food store, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Source: Boris Dunand

To be honest, everything is put on halt – the markets, schools, colleges, universities, offices, parks, malls… everything. The only place that can lend us a shoulder in times of this is the Internet. Fortunately, the Internet markets are not affected to a high scale. IT companies have limited the workload to home for employees, shutting down offices – whereas Freelance work is doubled in the past week. Therefore, companies engaged in online buy & sell are doing well not good.

Similarly, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease has exposed fragility in the global system – paralysing the economic sectors and dismantling industrial production. The focus has practically directed towards the Internet for selling as manufacturers have run out of mediums.

Therefore, anyone with little know-how of the Internet, web hosting, designing, development and writing can isolate him/her-self and sustain the present novel Coronavirus crisis.

Top 5 best work-from-home opportunities

In such desperate times, individuals with a unique set of skills can always turn to the Internet to earn money and contribute to society. Self-isolation may sound annoying or depressing to some, but there’s a lot you can do for others while staying at home.

1. Virtual Assistant

Source: Austin Distel

Where companies are running short on employees, now could be a perfect time for individuals working as Virtual Assistant (VA). You can offer technical support, act as a CSR (Customer Support Representative) or you can let everyone about your skills by hosting a website and promoting it on the Internet.

2. Web Development

Source: Clément H

Do you have any familiarization with any programming language? If you do, utilize it – either switch to Freelancing websites which in today’s cases may be difficult because such sites will be bombarded with Freelancers or simply host your website and market your skills.

3. Graphic Designing

Source: Theme Photos

How well did you perform in your art class? Well, if you did good and you have an interest in it, you can land good Freelance gigs online. Just learn Adobe products at home and conquer the designing jobs on the Internet.

4. Online Learning

Source: Nick Morrison

Whether you’re a student or have something you can teach others, online learning platforms are always the best choice to engage yourself while at home. Just focus on your interest, find the perfect websites and learn all the way to the top.

5. Writing

Source: Thought Catalog

To all the Charles Dickens Jr. out there – Sharpen your vocabulary and start writing something for someone. Content writing, editing, proofreading, copywriting – these are some of the most demanded jobs on most of the Freelance websites. Or simply host your website, build an attractive portfolio and thank us later.

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