Google Updated Review Rich Results, Snippets

On Monday, September 16, 2019, Google released an update on Review Rich Results that enhanced the present search results for users.

What is a review snippet?

A review snippet is a brief content of a rating or review of an item on the website. It displays the average rating scores from reviewers.

Google find and analyze valid reviews and ranking markup on the internet and display it with stars and ratings (numeric scale 1-5). This is called Rich Snippet.

What are the rich results?

Rich Results consists of key information that allows search engines to understand the users and then find the relevant web page for them. Google focuses on the keywords, finds websites with the relevant keywords and show it to the user.

How can my web page appear in the rich results?

It’s very simple – use appropriate keywords in the content and add schema markup in the code accordingly.

To check whether a webpage is eligible for rich results or not, visit Google’s Rich Results Test.

To structure your data for schema, visit Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

You can also add schema manually on your web page with the help of Google Structured Data Markup Helper.

What is the benefit of rich results?

Rich results only display the key information, fetching from a website that has valid ratings & reviews, Schema structured, helpful data (similar to the user’s search) and has positive feedback.

The web pages that appear in the rich results are on “position zero” or “Google’s Zero Ranking”.

Appearing in the rich results will not only bring traffic on your website, but other web pages will also approach for backlinking purposes. Thus, the overall health of your website would be excellent.

What is schema markup?

Schema markup is a coding excerpt added in the entire (where required) to help the bots (crawlers and spiders) understand entities in a web page.

The main purpose of schema markup is to make Google understand what is on the web pages of your website. But first, you may need to structure your data because schema basically creates, maintain, and promotes the structured data on the internet.

Schema is a joint project of Yandex, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo developers. You can find and relevant schema for web pages by simply visiting

How schema and rich snippets are related?

Once you’ve structured your data, added relevant information and built links, Google will simply fetch the information, match it with the user’s entered keywords for search and display it in rich results.

Web pages with no schema will less likely to appear in the rich results, but you never know, Google is indeed full of surprises.

Also, do not stuff your web pages with keywords and content that you think is good for the internet but is not required (or structured properly). Again, Google has a smart approach to the internet, it looks for signals, hints that allow it to generate a virtual overview of the web page.

How can I add a review structured data to a page?

Following are the ways to add review structured data on a page:

  • Add a simple review (without Schema)


  • Add a review using’s review property

How can I add ratings structured data to a page?

Following are the ways to add ratings structured data on a page:

  • Add simple ratings to your views (without schema)


  • Add aggregate ratings (property of and embed it with review schema property

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