Top 5 Best Web Hosting Tips & Guide (2020)

What is web hosting?

Website or web page hosting is a type of internet service that provides individuals and enterprises with the opportunity to post a page (a website consists of many pages) onto the internet.

How Can I Host a Website?

Web Hosting Services providers offer web services through which you can host and live a perfectly responsive website on the internet. Hosted websites can easily be viewed from anywhere, by anyone via the internet.

Now, the definition is in the air – let’s learn about the elements of web hosting. Presently, web hosting consists of five following steps:

1. Choose Web Hosting Provider Wisely

The very step for hosting a website is to acquire the foremost web hosting services from a renowned provider. It may sound a simple step, but the essence lies within the selection. Both you and the provider will have complete access & control over your website. Therefore, it’s compulsory to stroll on the internet to find a reliable web hosting services provider.


Beware of the pricing scams, most providers add hidden charges after your first purchase. So, be very careful.

2. Make Your Way to the Internet

Learning HTML/CSS/Bootstrap or WordPress wouldn’t be as difficult as some have made it. Both are very simple and productive in their own ways. Do not hassle in making the decision. Research a little, keep your website requirements in front and then approach static or dynamic websites.


Both take approx. same time to create a web page. HTML/CSS include programming codes whereas WordPress is a drag-n-drop web application for website creation.

3. Do Not Stuff Web Pages with Keywords (SEO TIP)

Every website owner wants to be on top of Google’s first page. Some approach legit procedures (White Hat SEO) while others like to get the rank fast (Black Hat SEO). At first, focus on the keywords relevant to your websites. For example, if your website is about food, then obviously focus on most google dishes, add content that is unique, catchy and has fewer grammatical mistakes.


Use LSI Keywords, Use Conversational language in the content, Use Medium Tail Keywords, Optimize On-Page SEO, Use Attractive / Emotional Titles for CTR

4. Secure Your Website

To protect your websites against cyber intrusions, attacks and hacks – ensure to acquire web hosting services from a trustworthy provider. Creating a website is very easy, but securing it is hard. Go with the provider who offers DDoS and other security protocols for your website. Also, if you’re on WordPress, then do not just download plugins you see relevant for your website.


Ensure all the web pages on your website are responsive, meaning they are optimized, readable and speedy while opening from mobile, tab, pc, laptop.

5. Keep a Good Healthy Record of the Website

Do you have the backup of your website? What if you don’t have it? The best solution for it is to get online backup & recovery services along from your provider. This way, your data will daily backed-up and can easily be recovered when needed. Maintain email addresses for promotional purposes. 


A short domain name for the website should suffice. Do not select unnecessarily long domain names that people hard to find or type your website on the internet.


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