Backlinks, External Links, SEO Guide (2019)

Before coming down to thoughtful terminologies of backlinks, let’s take a look at what backlinks really are.

What are backlinks?

Also known as “incoming links” or “inbound link” – Backlinks are links that connect your website with another website via a link. This incoming external link is called a backlink.

Backlinks are generated from other websites to your website for possible relevancy and Google index.

If you’re familiar with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you would easily understand the use of backlinks because these links improve site ranking and are very useful.

How do backlinks work?

Suppose your IT services and you receive a backlink from another IT company or citation website that reviewed your services. Now, this review [backlink] will be more important and play a vital role in bringing your website on top of the market.

Also, backlinks are signs of trustworthiness. Most users around the world rely more on virtual status of a company or product than actually – which is sort of beneficial in its own way.

However, in utmost greediness, most owners follow the black hat SEO that, for a while, will take them on top. Since Google uses smart schema mechanism, it instantly identifies and separates good from the bad.

Backlinks are “Vote of Confidence” in SEO that directly impacts the market value of your website.

How can I receive backlinks from websites?

To receive backlinks, one must perfect the off-page SEO for the website because backlinks are an integral part of the SEO. This can be termed as Earning backlinks.

Another aspect that should matter is the stance of the incoming link. With the advent of the internet, every individual can generate backlinks for other websites to defamation or promotion.

In this case, the authenticity and legitimacy of the backlink must be researched.

Is time a constraint in getting backlinks?

It can be. Backlinks are indeed time-consuming, especially for new websites. However, with the passage of time and flourishing reputation, your website can easily receive positive backlinks in no time. Again, it depends upon your website’s overall performance, ratings, reviews and SEO.

3 Steps to Recieve Backlinks (SEO)

Backlinks are dependent upon three main factors: Optimization, Reliability and Content

Step 1: Optimize Your Website

First and foremost, fix all the technical glitches, bugs and errors that you can expect to have on the website. Why? Because users are very concerned about website technicality. For instance, if the website has technical errors, then Google will limit the organic traffic on your website, making it insecure to visit – now that’s bad. However, it can be solved with SEO optimization. Here’s what you need to fix (if) technical errors:

  • Technical errors (404, 302)
  • Less Responsive & Slow Loading
  • Slow redirections
  • Plagiarized or unstructured data
  • Device Unfriendliness

Step 2: Deploy a Reliable Architecture

Consider architecture as the ‘overall look’ of your website. A good and responsive website structure is likely to attract users more than otherwise. But it’s the reliability that promotes the architecture and guarantees backlinks for your website. Therefore, keep your website up to date, avoid implementing complex Algorithms, do schema markup where necessary and secure website against cyber intrusions and attacks.

Step 3: Upload Valuable Content

For stunning user experience, you must create and upload content that is SEO optimized, readable, grammatically correct, not too long to read, precise & concise and include RankBrain approaches. You should indulge the users with informative, effective and attractive data because that’s how Google is going to index the website. In other words, be creative while executing your website to the internet. Avoid the following to produce excellent website content:

  • Low-quality Content
  • Unrelated, Biased or too casual
  • Hard-to-understand grammatical words
  • Lengthy paragraphs with long sentences
  • Excessive use of articles and punctuation
  • Less use of animation, images

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