cPanel Announced Account Based Pricing

What made them change the price?

Being one of the fastest emerging software companies in the world, cPanel has been contributing a great deal in the web hosting world. The decision to revise the pricing for all the products was taken on Thursday 27th June 2019 to standardize their services. Also, in the light of today’s thriving technological advancements, fiscal measurements have become mandatory to cope with new challenges.

cPanel account-based pricing implies on all the customers. They will receive monthly invoices. Different levels are also introduced to make things as much user-friendly as it can for ‘end-users’.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a leading software company that developed the cPanel and WHM control panel (online Linux-based control panel) for web hosting. cPanel comprises graphical interface and automation tools that streamline the process of web hosting for end users.

Among different reasons, the server determinations came to reveal insight into the change. If we go back twenty-three (23) years back,  the cPanel servers were not as ground-breaking as they are today. Therefore, power consumption and control utilization are straightforwardly corresponding to improvement – “you can run hundreds of websites on a single processor

Furthermore, in the blog release, Benny Vasquez wrote:

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our prices. We want to make it easier to become a cPanel customer. Additionally, it is important for us to provide licenses that target smaller instances, opening up a new revenue opportunity for our customers.

How will it benefit the ‘end-user’?

cPanel has a transparent approach to facilitate services and pricing of VPS and Dedicated license. Development and modification in the cPanel resources are made so that enterprises can invest dynamically in product development.

The general consensus of price adjustment is:

  • Increase consumer-to-company affiliation
  • Introduce a structure for exponential productivity
  • Create a region of expansion for hosting markets
  • Increase brain power to handle multiple development projects
  • Reduce the hostile security landscape

What are the disadvantages?

Seemingly, the cPanel price adjustments have backfired from the day it was announced to the public. Experts have characterized it as a ‘breaking point for hosting market’ because it will unswervingly detriment several cPanel users. Also, most cPanel clients may not be able to pay for a license at such an, described by users, ‘absurd’ price.

Fear of discontinuity has also embarked on the subject as hundreds who read the announcement respond in the utmost discomfort and inconvenience. Web hosting experts quote this step as ‘if you want to kill a business, simply raise the prices’.

At the same time, there are experts who justify the step by stating that small businesses residing in third-world countries will be killed because of the currency to the USD exchange rate. Also, the price adjustments shouldn’t just come out of the blue after years of plans with unlimited accounts.

Read the complete announcement here: Announcing Account-Based Pricing


cPanel posted an update on, what now has become, one of the most discussed topics for web hosting users & companies around the world. In a clarification effort, J. Nick Koston (CEO of cPanel) has told that the decision of the price hike was taken after months of technical discussions and modelling. Clearing out the smoke, it was revealed that the response cPanel had received was indeed instant and second-rate.

Furthermore, they added:

“Our analysis of use cases was incomplete, and we underestimated the amount of support that some of our Community require to implement these licensing model changes. This was a miss on our part, and we are sorry for any concern we have caused as a result.”

The latest update pricing infrastructure comprises of following points:

cPanel for Partners

  • To provide cost-effective Support, cPanel will apply for a one-time credit up to $10,000 USD on 15 September’s Invoice.
  • For existing WHMCS customers, new cPanel & WHM hosting pricing will be effective upon new WHMCS’s availability.
  • For new WHMCS customers, cPanel is offering 12 months of no-cost WHMCS licensing only if the implementation of a new cPanel & WHM hosting pricing model is beneficial for your business.
  • cPanel has introduced cPanel ‘Plus’ Cloud package (50 accounts) for partners available at $25 USD a month.
  • cPanel has introduced Fixed Price Packages where partners can obtain up to 250 accounts.
  • In the event that one of your clients neglects to pay for their cPanel license, at that point Partners can demand an administration credit by means of license by license basis.
  • For any details, contact your Account Manager at the earliest for further clarification.

For Direct Customers

  • cPanel Solo Licenses (Cloud) will be available in the cPanel store for a spectacular price of $15 USD a month.
  • cPanel is extending yearly licenses to implement the new licensing model.
  • Remodelling the cPanel Store that is expected to be remodelled no later than August 2019. Improvements and simplification to become a partner is currently the main focus of this change.
  •  cPanel has lowered the financial requirements for companies to become a prominent partner. It is reduced from $500 USD to $200 USD  a month.

For complete details of the update, please visit the cPanel Pricing Update.

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